Suomen Yliopistokiinteistöt Rauman OKL

Sawdust removal system with demountable outdoor ready-to-use equipment with saw dust tanks. The equipment includes a 15 kW exhaust fan, main switchboard, HEPA13 post-filtration and actual 20 m2 exhaust filters. Sawdust volume 8 m3.

  • Blower 15 kW/400V/63A

  • Airflow 7000 m3/h ja pressure 7200 Pa,
    The power increases when the fan is controlled at 60 Hz

Rauman Merikoulu

The Eurovac suction unit, which is a sawdust container on changing pallet rails, serves as the sawdust removal equipment.
The equipment includes a garbage compartment, filters and in the engine room a fan, Hepa13 filters and an electrical center.

Picture of the engine room of the equipment.