Our mission is to develop the industrial work environment and occupational safety. We do this with the help of our dedicated staff and our well-established subcontractor chain, with the goal of 100% customer satisfaction. Suomen Imurikeskus Oy has been manufacturing and installing Eurovac dust extraction and dust extraction systems and central vacuum systems for industry for 40 years. Eurovac system vacuum cleaners are made to order for any destination.

Eurovac central vacuum systems

We supply central vacuum systems for all industrial applications.

Eurovac dust and sawdust removal systems

We have dust and sawdust removal systems from small workshops to large sawmills and woodworking companies.

School systems

Debris removal systems and point-of-use equipment from small schools to large campus and university sites.

Dust and sawdust removal equipment

Our selection includes high-quality and durable dust and sawdust removal equipment.

Special equipment

For all industries, the solution according to the customer’s needs.

Painting cabinets and walls

We have painting cabinets and walls for spaces of all sizes according to your needs.

Removal of gases and oil mists

We design customer-oriented degassing systems for the removal of welding fumes and oil mist.