We have painting cabinets and walls for spaces of all sizes according to your needs.

Painting cabinets and walls


Product code: 214201

Minidry is suitable for small series and finishing in painting small pieces. Cabinets with EX-protected motors and lights if required. Filtered air should lead to the yard.


  • Minidry 1m, 0.55 kW
  • Minidry 1m, 0.55 kW EX
  • Minidry 2m, 1.5 kW
  • Minidry 2m, 1.5 kW EX

Eurovac painting cabinets

Product code: 214351

Suitable painting cabinet for painting pieces of all sizes. The backward-sloping fan on the impeller guarantees the best performance. Also available with extension walls and roof (model NB) for optimum absorption at a distance of one meter. The lamp that comes with the cabinet illuminates the object to be painted well and helps to improve the quality of work. The painting cabinet comes with a paper pre-filter. An optional fiberglass filter is available for better filtration grade. Includes luminaire IP65 and short side walls. The gases in the painting cabinet must always be led to the yard.

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