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45 kW

Borås Energi och Miljö AB

Eurovac front loader vacuum cleaner with a rotary piston blower of 55 Kw

  • Filter surface area 15 m²
  • Above the waste container, there are anti-static hose filters 22 pcs
  • Waste container of 3m³
  • Max. operating pressure is 490mbar
  • Pump max. output is 2200 m³/h. (At 450 mbar pressure, 2100 m³/h)

Suction container with front loader adapter equipped with a hydraulic-driven fan for suction of wood chips and sawdust. The fan is powered by the front loader’s hydraulic system.

Trailer-mounted diesel engine-powered vacuum system

  • Diesel engine Kubota D1105 24,5 kW
  • Blower: Casals AATVM 560
  • Max airflow 6500 m³/h
  • Max pressure 6500 Pa