Eurovac systems and equipment are domestic that are designed to be suitable for customers needs. The installations are manufactured and installed according to the latest regulations and safety requirements, inc  ATEX and fire protection. We also help designers in choosing the right equipment and piping.

Our selections include e.g.

  • Sawdust removal
  • textile dust extraction
  • multifunctional dust extraction
  • other target exhausts and fans

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Ari Alakruuvi

Sawdust removal systems

The purpose of a well-designed sawdust removal system is to remove chips and dust from woodworking machines. That is why we use large-sized piping to guarantee a sufficient amount of air for planers and circular saws, for example. On planers and circular saws, often 150 mm sawdust connections. The piping is also equipped with an ATEX-certified return damper, as well as a certified guillotine fire damper also in a dirty duct.
The devices are dimensioned as required and can be located outdoors or indoors.
Recently, separate steel-structured equipment rooms or debris removal containers have become commonplace.
It is also possible to equip the equipment with inexpensive and low-maintenance fire extinguishing equipment, in which case a possible fire is extinguished immediately.
The devices can also be equipped with HEPA13 post-filtration, so that the sucked air can also be returned to the interior.

School sawdust removal room

The sawdust removal devices are installed in a soundproof steel-structured equipment room that can be placed outdoors.
The Eurovac equipment room will be lifted as a whole. The equipment is also easy to move
to another destination as circumstances change. Chewing and electrical connections are connected to the room, making the equipment ready for operation.
Inside the equipment room, deburring equipment and the main power center have been installed.
The equipment room is equipped with large lockable service doors and can be coated in the basic color tone desired by the customer.

PUR8000 filtering unit

Product code 008000

PUR 8000 sawdust removal unit has start filter having filtering area 10 m². Filters are cleaned by automatic electric shaker. Thanks to large filtering area those are long life filters. Easily replaceable 600 liter waste bin is places inside of the unit. PUR 8000 is manufactured according to EN 14491 standards.

Units are made in Finland.

Sawdust removal container

Product code 213327

Saw dust removal container is a complete system including dust collecting module and engine room module for compressor, blower with silencer and control panel. The system can be installed to new dust collecting system or even to old dust collecting pipelines. It is also fire and explosion proof.

The Saw dust removal container doesn’t need any room from inside of the building. It is a great solution e.g. to school.

Thanks to high pressure blower system can be used also for vacuuming. Vacuum unit filter cleaning is based on back flow technique during the operation.

Textile dust extraction

The central vacuum system, which is installed in the textile work area, can be equipped with dust extraction seamers as well as cleaning points for general cleaning.

Center 3010 Tex

At the heart of the new generation Center TS is the turbine-powered suction motor, which is in a class of its own in terms of power and service life compared to conventional central brush vacuum cleaners. Thanks to the turbine suction motor, the Center TS is also very quiet. It allows the device to be installed in the vicinity of the living areas. Center The suction motor of the TS central suction unit has a service life of at least 15,000 vacuuming hours.

More information:

  • Power: 3000 W
  • Tank: 40 l
  • Vacuum: 270 mbar
  • Air flow: 5800 l / min
  • Sound level: 68 dB
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Power supply 400V 16 A
  • Dimensions: H 930 mm W 520 mm S 480 mm

Multifunction dust extraction

Spaces with a wide variety of handicrafts are becoming more common in school settings. mm. small metal and wood work and soldering work. These facilities cannot be combined with deburring, but are cleaned with their own dedicated system. A multi-purpose exhaust station can also be installed above the workstations, which has, for example, a vacuuming point, soldering gas discharge points, electrical plugs, etc.
The equipment is dimensioned as required

Multifunctional dust extraction

Filter unit 82L with HEPA13 return air filter, Suction unit with high pressure centrifugal fan.

Other target removers and fans

We have a wide range of different types of target removal fans, as well as equipment for removing solder fumes, as well as painting walls and grinding tables.

Eurovac Reintec Easy

Reintdeck Easy is designed to provide effective air purification, making it a great choice for improving indoor air quality. This unit is designed to be easy to use and practical. The Reintdeck Easy has a very durable and high quality construction and features a 30 mm soundproof aluminium profile.

The filters are mounted on perforated side panels with handles and a fixing system, making maintenance and filter replacement very easy. In addition, all Reintdeck air cleaners are equipped with a main control panel on one side of the structure.

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans

Centrifugal fans

Plastic blowers

Target removal suction arms

Soldering units

Welding smoke suction arms

Eurovac H 1500 vacuum cleaner

The Eurovac H 1500 dust extractor is designed for continuous use on machine tools. which can be used up to 24h/day. For example, for sharpening dust from skates.
Can also be equipped with HEPA13 after-filtration.

Fuse rating 16 A / 240 V.
Dimensions K 820 L 400 P 750 mm, power cord 8 m

We have a wide range of different types of target removal fans
as well as equipment for removing solder fumes, as well as painting walls and grinding tables.

Questions will be answered by system sales experts

Ari Alakruuvi