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We offer equipment for rent from small jobs to long-term rentals. All equipment for rent is clean, safe and regularly serviced. We will help you find the right device. We will guide you in using the machine. Here you will find products for both work and leisure. Pickup and return are flexible. Check out the rental equipment selection.

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Blue line 1000 vacuum container

Product code 080008

Eurovac vacuum container can be provided with power range 3,6-25 kW. Vacuum containers have 600 liters waste containers with hydraulic side door. Suction unit has a star filter, filtration area 4 m². Under request available with accessories like auto-switch or season cover.

Eurovac vacuum container can vacuum e.g. construction waste, silicon dust, ash and metal cuttings. Container has forklift pockets and can be provided with wheels. Can be used with suction hoses sized up to 102 mm. Container vacuums are ideal for construction or demolition site. Can be emptied to open top container. Available with adjustable machine feet.


  • Measures: 2000 (h), 1235 (w), 1470 (l) mm

Eurovac vacuum container, diesel motor 155 kW

The Eurovac high-performance container is equipped with a reliable Sisu diesel engine and a Robuch high-pressure pump. The Eurovac high-performance vacuum cleaner is a cost-effective solution compared to a traditional vacuum truck, as the container vacuum cleaners are equipped with their own diesel engine and can therefore be used without a truck. Eurovac container vacuum cleaners can be used for vacuuming wet and dry debris.

When using the high-performance vacuum cleaner, you also avoid inhaling mold and other dangerous dusts during vacuuming. Common applications are the vacuuming of construction and demolition waste, as well as the vacuuming of ash in heating centers and waste incineration plants.

Examples of downloadable materials:

  • construction and demolition waste
  • sand
  • macadam
  • mold
  • villa
  • concrete
  • crushed brick
  • dust
  • lecasora
  • ash
  • steel sand, etc.

The filter unit is equipped with spring-loaded hose filters and the total filtration area of ​​the filters is 30 m². The filters are cleaned automatically during operation on the suction principle. The Eurovac high-capacity container rental model is equipped with a USG 99.5% rated filtration.

The volume of the rental model’s rubbish bin is 13 m³. The rental container is designed to be transported on a truck with at least 3 axles and is suitable for both hook and wire trucks. The rental price includes a 102mm suction hose with a length of about 20m.

Ask for more details about the sale.

Container dimensions approx .: P 6600, K 2630, L 2540 mm

Rental prices

  • 182 € / day + 104 € / hour of use
  • Prices VAT 0%
  • Pick-up and return of rental equipment Mon-Fri at 8.00-15.00.
  • Sound level 95 db
  • Power: 147 kW
  • Trash can: 13 m3
  • Vacuum: 500 mbar
  • Air flow: 4100 m3 / h
  • Weight: approx. 8500 kg
  • Filter: 30 m2

Asbestos vacuuming is prohibited with rental equipment owned by Suomen Imurikeskus Oy at the risk of a claim for compensation. If the tests show that the device has been vacuumed with Asbestos, the landlord has the right to charge the lessee for all costs and spare parts for cleaning the device. Spare parts include all filters.

Vacuum trailer 50-110kW

The Eurovac trailer vacuum cleaner is ideal for contracting (for example, removing old roof insulation). The trailer vacuum cleaner can be used to suck up dry dust and debris as well as to blow air. The filter area for automatic or manual filter cleaning is 18 m². Recommended tractor power 50-110 kW. Suction connection 102-200 mm. Trailer dimensions: K3100, L2480, P6100 mm.

Examples of downloadable materials:

  • powder
  • peat
  • moss
  • sand
  • villa
  • dust
  • lecasora
  • ash, etc.

Rental prices:

  • 484 € / day
  • 690 € / weekend.
  • Prices VAT 0%

Ask more about our sales. Pick-up and return of rental equipment Mon-Fri at 8.00-15.00.

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Power50-100 kW
Tank6 m3
Underpressure500 mbar
Air flow2300 m3/h
Weight3600 kg
Filter18 m2


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