Over the years, our company has acquired special expertise in a wide range of special equipment, which has always been developed to meet the customer’s needs. With this expertise, we are able to create new solutions for different industries.

It is in these projects that the know-how of our strong design department comes into its own.

Examples of special products we make:

Filter unit for hazardous waste developed by Suomen Imurikeskus. Dirt is collected in the unit directly in a plastic or metal 1000 liter hazardous waste container.

Centrifugal blowers equipped with a tipping vacuum cleaner for vacuuming light debris and dust. The lid rises hydraulically for easy emptying.

Compressed air vacuum cleaner for demanding conditions. Tailor-made to suit the customer’s premises.

Front loader fitted suction container with hydraulically driven fan for vacuuming light wood chips and dust.