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Product descriptions of models

DF/S exhaust blower series
Dryer 1,5 – 5,5 kW
Eurovac housing dryer
Blower Rita BF534
Sawdust blower with trolley
Eurovac H 1500 vacuum cleaner

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DF/S exhaust blower series

Product code 211481

Portable DF/S exhaust blower series units are easy to move and use for its compact size. 60 °C heat resistance in continuous use.  Units can be equipped with intake and outlet ducts. For filter filter bag or HEPA 13 filter cartridge for hazardous environments e.g. ones having asbestos or mold.

Selection of models with single phase or three phase motor.


  • Air conditioning duct DF/S 0,75 kW, 12m/152mm (011455)
  • Air conditioning duct DF/S 1,5 kW, 12m/180mm (011457)

DF/S 0,75  kW

  • Power: 0,75 kW
  • Underpressure: 1500 Pa
  • Air flow: 1600 m3/h
  • Fuse: 10 A

DF/S 1,50  kW

  • Power: 1,50 kW
  • Underpressure: 1300 Pa
  • Air flow: 3390 m3/h
  • Fuse: 16 A

Dryer 1,5 – 5,5 kW

Product code 250301

The Eurovac dryer is an excellent fan for drying insulation and drying soles. The fan is light to carry and fits in a really small space. The fan is equipped with a filter that prevents debris from entering the fan. Fan outlets suction / blowing 50 mm.


  • Dryer: 1,50 kW
  • Fuse demand: 10 A
  • Pressure drop: 190 mbar
  • Air flow: 210 m3/h
  • Noise level: 64 dB
  • Weight: 24 kg
  • Dryer: 3 kW
  • Fuse demand: 16 A 400 V
  • Underpressure: 279 mbar
  • Air flow: 318 m3/h
  • Noise level: 69 dB
  • Weight: 50 kg
  • Dryer 5,5 kW
  • Power: 5,5 kW
  • Underpressure: 300 mbar
  • Air flow 530 m3/h
  • Sound level 70 dB
  • Weight: 63 kg
  • Power supply 32 A / 400 V

Eurovac housing dryer

The device is used in connection with the chassis massaging and protection of vehicles for drying vehicle housings.
This makes it possible to increase the efficiency and speed of drying of the housings and thus shorten the throughput time.

The dryer is designed to heat the flowing air to about 25-35 ° C ambient temperature. The device does not contain heating elements or other potential sources of ignition, so it is safe to use.

The housing dryer has 9 hose outlets and the standard length of the air hoses is 4 meters. The inner diameter of the hoses is 10 mm and the outer diameter is 17 mm.

The device is equipped with a filter that prevents debris from entering the fan.

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Power1,50 kW
Underpressure190 mbar
Air flow210 l m3/h
Sound level64 dB
Weight35 kg
Power supply230 V 10 A

Blower Rita BF534

Product code 009029

Rita Cleaning BF534 blower is portable dryer with rear-wheels and telescopic handle. Firm PE cover insulation makes it safe to use. Blower has 3-step switch for adjusting air flow. Blower has 420x100mm adapter that can be used e.g. with 600mm flexible duct.

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Rated power0,85 kW
Air flow1500 m3/h
Sound level69 dB

Sawdust blower with trolley

Product code 250350

The device can be used to vacuum or blow, for example, chipboard, thermal insulation, peat and fibrous substances (excluding stones or sand). A hose with a diameter of 125 mm can be used as the transfer hose, the length of which can be max. 30 m. The transferred rubbish is vacuumed or blown onto the rubbish platform, for example.

PDB 450/3 kW

Connections: 125 mm
Underpressure: 3600 Pa
Air flow: 1600 m3/h
Fuse (d-curve automaton): 400 V 16 A

Eurovac H 1500 vacuum cleaner

Product code 009001

The Eurovac H 1500 dust extractor is designed for continuous use on machine tools. which can be used up to 24h/day. For example, for sharpening dust from skates.
Can also be equipped with HEPA13 after-filtration.

Fuse rating 16 A / 240 V.
Dimensions K 820 L 400 P 750 mm, power cord 8 m


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